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Give Your Summer to God

One Summer of ministry has the potential to not only change your life but to allow the Lord to use YOU to eternally impact the lives of countless young people! 

We encourage you to prayerfully consider giving your Summer to God! 


Staff Application

Each prospective staff member is asked to fill out this application. This does not mean you are comitting your summer, but shows that you are interested in serving a summer at TMBC. This application must be filled out annually for each summer. 

Character Reference

Each staff member is required to submit three character references with their staff application. One reference must be from your Pastor and the other two may be from anyone you choose. Click the link below to share the form with your references. 

Background Checks

We are required by the state of Colorado to conduct two types of background checks on every individual 18 years or older. Each Background Check is valid for five years. If you have been asked to complete the Background Checks, please click below.

Standard Precautions

The state of Colorado requires each summer staff member to complete this standard precautions training before your arrival to camp. This training covers disease prevention and how to deal with bodily fluids and is required to be done annually. 

Things to Know

The document below contains lots of helpful information such as when to arrive, which airport to fly into, what to pack, dress guidelines, staff guidelines, and more! Please contact our camp office at with any questions!

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