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Treasure Mountain Bible Camp

Marble, CO  |  Est. 1990

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Summer 2023

The good ol’ cowboys in the Old West were faithful to their ranch’s brand and dedicated to its mission and goals. As Christians, we must dedicate ourselves to ride for the mission of God. Each week we will learn how to ready the saddles of our hearts, plant our feet firm in the stirrups of God’s Word and ride faithfully for the brand of Christ.

So, wrangle your horses and register for this summer as we are “Ridin’ for the Brand!”


Our Philosophy

As strictly a Bible centered camping ministry, it is our utmost desire and heartthrob to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in every way possible. We endeavor to accomplish this with every song sung, every verse quoted, every lesson taught, every message preached, every game played, every prayer uttered, and every word of council offered. With Christ at the forefront and forming the foundation of the ministry we believe that the lost will be saved, the saved will be strengthened, and those strengthened will be called to serve Christ all of their lives!  

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