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Philosophy of Ministry

Treasure Mountain Bible Camp


As strictly a Bible centered camping ministry, it is our utmost desire and heartthrob to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in every way possible. We endeavor to accomplish this with every song sung, every verse quoted, every lesson taught, every message preached, every game played, every prayer uttered, and every word of council offered. With Christ at the forefront and forming the foundation of the ministry we believe that the lost will be saved, the saved will be strengthened, and those strengthened will be called to serve Christ all of their lives!  


The preachers/speakers that we have present the Word of God to our campers come highly recommended by trusted friends of this ministry. They are Christian leaders, gifted and tried individuals that are not novices but rather highly trained and apt to teach God's Word with power and clarity. We use the King James Version of the Bible exclusively.


The operational and program staff members are selected and trained in advance of each summer season's camps. They are godly young people who have been screened as to their profession of faith in Christ and their daily walk with the Lord. They also have passed the background checks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for child molestation and child abuse.