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General Information For All Camps

CHRISTIAN CONDUCT: From the beginning, Treasure Mountain Bible Camp has encouraged guests to honor the Lord in appearance. Wholesome standards, displaying modesty and distinction between the sexes, are intended to be a help and blessing to you in your walk with the Lord.

MEN/BOYS NOTE:Please wear long pants with collared shirts to the evening meals and services. Please, no earrings, body jewelry, or T-shirts with worldly advertisements. Hair should be up off of the collar. Shorts that reach the knee are suitable for sport activities.

YOUNG LADIES NOTE: Please bring dresses or skirts that reach at least to the knee when seated to the evening meals and services. Slits in skirts must not come above the knee. Loose fitting pants are suitable for sport activities only. Shorts that reach the knee are suitable for sport activities, only! Please, no open midriffs, tank or tight tops. Low neckline garments (front or back) are NOT acceptable camp attire. All garments are to cover the body from neck to knee. No worldly sayings on T-shirts.

TMBC reserves the right to ask any camper
to change his/her attire if the camp staff feels it necessary.

ARRIVAL: A good beginning is important to the success of the entire camp week. Plan to arrive at the time stated for your particular camp. Do your very best not to be late!  MOST CAMPS start with registration on Monday at 3:00-5:00 P.M. Check the camp schedule for further information. Please do not arrive more than one hour before camp begins or leave more than one hour after camp ends.

DEPARTURE: Plan your departure at the dismissal time stated for your particular camp.This facilitates an easy transition into our next camp session.

NOTE: Combo Camps end on Friday after lunch.

CAMP COUNSELORS: We will provide approximately 50% of the necessary camp counselors for the weeks of camp. We do encourage your church to bring your own camp counselors. We do require all staff members to fill out a “Staff Application”, Character References and Background Checks. Camp Counselor/Workers who have been to TMBC before and have been through the process may NOT need to repeat the Background Check. Call the camp office at 970-963-1798 for more information. 

 Camp Counselor Fee: The camp counselors fee is the same as for the campers. $195 with a pre-registration of $50.

MEDICAL/HEALTH: This is very important!
Treasure Mountain Bible Camp does NOT furnish MEDICAL Insurance for campers/workers or counselors, SO please attach a COPY of your (or families) MEDICAL Insurance Card to your child's/counselor/workers "Camp Health Statement."

Please NOTE: Campers information and instructions for taking medications should also be sent to the camp office along with the registration form. Please send ALL medical forms filled out completely, including ALL signatures (parents/physicians) 2 weeks prior to campers/counselor arrival. Absolutely NO medications can or will be able to be administered to the camper without the Dr.'s signature. The name of medicine and how/ when to be administered needs to be listed on the Campers Medical Forms.

Requirements for special diets: Plan to bring your own specialty foods and give the food(s) to the kitchen staff. Please advise the camp office prior to arriving.


  • Please bring a King James Bible to be used for preaching and memory verses
  • Warm sleeping bag plus an extra blanket
  • Pillow
  • Towel/wash cloths
  • Personal items
  • Warm coat
  • Two (2) pairs of tennis shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Fishing Poles & Gear (optional)
  • Camera

EXTRA SPENDING MONEY: You may want to bring money for the Trading Post and Love Offerings.


  • Please, No Food (except for specialty foods), pets, cigarettes, non-prescription drugs, alcoholic beverages, matches, fireworks, weapons of any kind, electronic devices that play music, movies, or games, clothing promoting worldly activities, large amounts of money or valuables, spray paint, knives.


EARLY RESERVATION: We suggest that you register as early as possible. Please refer to the Adult & Family, Comb Camps schedule pages for camp fees. Send all registration forms and monies to the camp office. Early registrations assure you a place at camp and saves you money. Registration fees are non-refundable but transferable.

All camps are on a first come first serve basis. We have limited space and require a $50.00 for Youth/Adult Camps except for Family Camp which is a $100.00 registration fee.