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CANOEING: Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats await your arrival! Enjoy cruising around the pond in God’s splendorous creation.

MUD PIT: : Great fun for all who like to get a bit messy. We have competition and games back and forth across the log. So get into those "not so good" clothes and jump in with both feet!

TROUT FISHING: Yule Creek runs right through the middle of Treasure Mountain so you can fish on the creek or in one of the many ponds we have here at camp. Beaver Lake and the Crystal River offers great fishing opportunity, as well, and are located just 2 miles from camp. These off camp locations are available only to Adult Camps and requires a Colorado fishing license. So, don’t forget your poles, nets, tackle box and bait!

HORSESHOES: Located in the center of camp the horseshoe pits can handle teams or singles. This is one of those games that you actually receive points for just getting "close"!

VOLLEYBALL: Two separate courts make it easy to team up and start the fun! Everyone will have a great time volleying back and forth up here in this cool mountain air. So, join in with the gang!

HIKING: There are many trails to hike on here at Treasure Mountain so bring your boots and canteen. One of the favorite hikes is to where the famous Yule Marble Quarry can be viewed. This is where the marble came from that was used to make the Tomb of the Unknown Solider (in Arlington today) and the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

ARCHERY RANGE: Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished archer that's related to Robin Hood, you'll have a great time attempting to shoot an arrow right in the "Bull's Eye".

GRANDPA’S GUNBARREL SLIP-N’-SLIDE RIDE: This is a quick trip – and we do mean quick – down our 175-ft. water slide off the side of Little Bear Mountain…it's faster than greased lightning! Be sure to check for the operating times and hold on to your hat!

HAYRIDE; COOK OUT SUPPER AND COWBOY SING: Imagine this, Cowboy coffee, Dutch oven biscuits, Killer Beans along with a delicious, broiled burger hot off the grill. Now, add to that a little tenderfoot lemonade on the side and then serve it all outside in God's creation. "Hey everybody, look at that deer over there". Oh ya! It's all part of a special evening of fun, food, and fellowship on the mountain. Then setback, relax, put a smile on your face, kick off your boots and get ready for a rip roarin' evening of old time cowboy music and comedy put on by the Treasure Mountain Wranglers.

FIELD GAMES: Kickball, Football, Soccer, etc. There's just not that much "flat ground" in our high mountains but at Treasure Mountain we found just enough to make for a great time. So, run, jump and have the time of your life!

FIRESIDE SING-A-LONG: Some evenings, as the sun sets in the west, we stoke up a big bonfire. As the flame leaps upward we all break out in songs praising God for who He is and what He has done in each of our lives! What a great way to end a day in paradise.

CACTUS JACK'S OLD TIME PHOTO SHOPPE: Get the family or a group of your friends together and make a lifetime of memories! Everybody likes to dress up like an early settler or an old west gunslinger. This is a "one-of-a-kind photo" that you will cherish for years to come!

SIGHT SEEING - Jeeps, ATVs, Mountain Bikes: Get your camera ready! This part of Colorado has a bonanza of pristine mountain peaks and breath taking lush green valleys. These off road adventures are for our Adult and Family campers that are able to bring their own 4x4's to camp. A trip to the old Dead Horse Mill through Crystal City and Lead King Basin is one that everyone should experience. (3 hours) If you don't have your own vehicle(s), you may want to schedule a trip with the local commercial 4×4 back country-touring company.

WILDLIFE: There are a number of different kinds of large and small animals that make Treasure Mountain their home. If you are quiet enough you might see a Mama deer feeding her little fawn(s) or hear a chattering squirrel giving you a good scolding for intruding into his part of the forest. There are Yellow-Bellied Marmots, Beaver, Pine Martin along with an occasional Moose are seen wandering right through the campgrounds, as well.


WHITE WATER RAFTING: Take your young people or family for a trip down the Colorado River in beautiful Glenwood Canyon. It's just a one-hour drive from camp to the river. It is suggested to do this activity on your way to or from camp. Discounted reservations can be made through the camp office.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Experience the west on horseback with a leisurely trail ride. Imagine the magnificence of the Colorado mountains as you wind through the woods and overlook the high country beauty from one snowcapped peak to another! Reservations can be made through the camp office.

"Please, accept our personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your camping experience"!